Currency Pairs

IC Markets stream prices on 60 different currency pairs and 4 metals on all of three trading platforms. With quotes from over 50 different banks and dark pool liquidity sources IC Markets offers some of the best pricing in the industry, this combined with unrivalled execution speeds makes IC Markets the favoured destination for day traders, scalpers and those using expert advisors (EAs).

Below is a list of available currency pairs, if you cannot see all of these pairs in your MetaTrader 4 trading platform simply right click in the ‘Market Watch’ window and select ‘Show All’.

Currency Pair
EUR/USD Euro vs United States Dollar
USD/JPY United States Dollar vs Japanese Yen
AUD/USD Australian Dollar vs United States Dollar
GBP/USD British Pound vs United States Dollar
USD/CAD United States Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
USD/CHF United States Dollar vs Swiss Franc
AUD/CAD Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
AUD/CHF Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
AUD/JPY Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen
AUD/NZD Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar
AUD/SGD Australian Dollar vs Singapore Dollar
CAD/CHF Canadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
CAD/JPY Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen
CHF/JPY Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen
CHF/SGD Swiss Franc vs Singapore Dollar
EUR/AUD Euro vs Australian Dollar
EUR/CAD Euro vs Canadian Dollar
EUR/CHF Euro vs Swiss Franc
EUR/DKK Euro vs Danish Kroner
EUR/GBP Euro vs British Pound
EUR/HKD Euro vs British Pound
EUR/JPY Euro vs Japanese Yen
EUR/NOK Euro vs Norwegian Kroner
EUR/NZD Euro vs New Zealand Dollar
EUR/PLN Euro vs Polish Zloty
EUR/SEK Euro vs Swedish Krona
EUR/SGD Euro vs Singapore Dollar
EUR/TRY Euro vs Turkish Lira
EUR/ZAR Euro vs South African Rand
GBP/AUD British Pound vs Australian Dollar
GBP/CAD British Pound vs Canadian Dollar
GBP/CHF British Pound vs Swiss Franc
GBP/DKK British Pound vs Danish Kroner
GBP/JPY British Pound vs Japanese Yen
GBP/NOK British Pound vs Norwegian Kroner
GBP/NZD British Pound vs New Zealand Dollar
GBP/SEK British Pound vs Swedish Krona
GBP/SGD British Pound vs Singapore Dollar
NOK/JPY Norwegian Kroner vs Japanese Yen
NOK/SEK Norwegian Kroner vs Swedish Krona
NZD/CAD New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
NZD/CHF New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc
NZD/JPY New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen
NZD/USD New Zealand Dollar vs United States Dollar
SEK/JPY Swedish Krona vs Japanese Yen
SGD/JPY Singapore Dollar vs Japanese Yen
USD/CNH United States Dollar vs Chinese RMB
USD/CZK United States Dollar vs Czech Republic Koruna
USD/DKK United States Dollar vs Danish Kroner
USD/HKD United States Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar
USD/HUF United States Dollar vs Hungarian Forint
USD/MXN United States Dollar vs Mexican Peso
USD/NOK United States Dollar vs Norwegian Kroner
USD/PLN United States Dollar vs Polish Zloty
USD/RUB United States Dollar vs Russian Ruble
USD/SEK United States Dollar vs Swedish Krona
USD/SGD United States Dollar vs Singapore Dollar
USD/TRY United States Dollar vs Turkish Lira
USD/ZAR United States Dollar vs South African Rand
XAG/EUR Silver in Euro
XAG/USD Silver in United States Dollar
XAU/EUR Gold in Euro
XAU/USD Gold in United States Dollar