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What is EA Lab?

ICMarkets are pleased to announce we have partnered with Trade View Investments, to offer exclusive access to EA Lab and EA Analyser, a premium world class platform for algorithmic building and analysis.

EA Lab allows traders to build automated trading models in minutes, using advanced tools created by a professional algorithmic trading firm.

What makes EA Lab different?


  • Powerful visual algorithmic builder, no need to code at all
  • Seamlessly create algorithms in minutes, amazing flexibility and speed
  • Manage all your algo’s in the same place and easily integrate with MT4
  • Leading edge tool allowing you to build simple and complex algorithms
  • Build your algo’s from any device in a secure environment
  • Software designed and executed by traders for traders
  • No need for multiple licenses – browser based provides global access anytime

EA Analyser is the most comprehensive tool for retail and professional traders to analyse results, find breaking points in strategies and improve your trading instantly.

  • Provides a wide range of statistical analysis on how your models perform
  • Supports both backtesting and live accounts
  • Improve your trading strategies instantly with insights and metrics used by a proprietary algorithmic trading firm
  • Understand the robustness of your strategies with intuitive data and statistics
  • Helps you identify breaking points in your models, and how to potentially fix them
  • Powerful portfolio builder gives you the ability to analyse how multiple strategies perform together
  • Powerful filters allow you to focus on the information you want to see
  • All your reports are stored in a secure cloud environment so you’ll never have to save your reports and statements ever again
  • No need for multiple Licenses – browser based provides global access anytime

Test a Demo Account Open Live Account