In this article we are going to interview our top performing FX trader from South Africa and discus her experience.

Hi. Could you please tell us who you are and what you do?

“Hi! My name is Mellanie Zuma, 24 years old, from Johannesburg, South Africa. And I trade forex for a living.”

Tell us more about your forex trading experience, and how did you start.

“Okay. So I started trading 3 and a half years ago, because my boyfriend, Thabang was doing it, and I used to watch him trade and lose money all the time because of his ignorance. I was accusing him of gambling our money away, and at first I wanted him to stop trading otherwise I would leave him.”

Wow! What happened after that?

“Well, eventually he stopped, but it seemed like he was obsessed with these charts, and really wanted to try again after he stopped. So one day he came back from work very excited, and looked at me a bit insecure with that puppy eyes look, you know like a dog begging at the table… explaining that he found some group in facebook that do mentoring, and his colleague went through their training and was getting pretty good results.”

Which group is that?

“It’s your group, right? It’s called Tresorfx, and is part of the XNTRADES project, isn’t it?”

Yes it is. Just wanted you to say it out loud. He-he.

“Ha-ha-ha. Sure. Anyways I still didn’t wanted him to do it because we lost a total of R13,000 which is quite a lot of money for us.”

Curious to find out what happened next..?

“Of course… let me drink some water first… So I told him not to do it, because he showed how irresponsible he is by losing the R 13,000 previously. The thing was that his colleague was doing really really good in his trading, and Thabang was getting really frustrated that I didn’t want him to trade anymore.”

So you rejected him once not to do the tresorfx training program, but he really wanted to do it because he was seeing his colleague performing excellent in his trading?

“No. Not once. 5 times I rejected him!”

Wow! 5 times?


So how did he convince you at the end?

“He’s actually a very clever and persuasive guy. He decided to invite his colleague, and his wife to dinner one time.”

Ooh, I see where you are going with this..

“Yes, exactly! So he invited them to dinner and we were chatting, and laughing, then he decided to ask Sibusiso the forex questions… you know “how is trading”, “you make some good profits”, “how often do you withdraw”, “what did you buy with your forex profits” so that I can listen to his stories, and “passively” convince me to try it just one last time with tresorfx’s training program…”

I guess he really wanted to trade?

“Yes. And by listening to Sibusiso’s stories, and knowing he and his wife came with their new car, and are going on fun vacations almost every weekend… I was convinced… one last try…”

When the facts arrive at your home..

“Exactly! Yes. He showed me his profits, and their story of how they started and what they have achieved, and I just was powerless to give a “No” answer for the 6th time..”

Then what?

“We contacted tresorfx on the facebook chat. They explained how we can start training, and that we had to wait for 1 week because they weren’t having any free time slots for us back then. One week passed. They were training us for 1 month. Because Thabang had some experience, they decided not to do the boring explaining of what is forex and the basics things like pips calculation, platform functions, margins, etc… so we started learning proper technical analysis. And our mentor was giving us tasks every week. Doing simulations. Even showed us how to trade the UK news events with their strategy, which is awesome! One of the best things ever!”

So only one month training?

“One month was the training, and we keep communicating, from time to time if we need help or second opinion on our analysis. They always help”

And you are now one of XNTRADES top performing traders! You are having better results than your boyfriend. How is that possible, knowing he has more experience.

“He-he… yes well he still goes to work, and is very busy even started his own import/export business, so he’s trading more long term, and I am in charge of day trading in our house. So you get the picture. We are a team! The best team!”

I guess you guys really are the best team. Do you mind sharing what is your average profit on monthly basis? Percentage wise of course.

“Percentage wise I profit around 30%-50% every week thanks to Tresorfx training. And I am very happy about it.”

That is amazing! We are really proud of your performance!

“I am like a sniper from Monday to Friday looking for opportunities on the chart, and realizing profit! He-he love your motto.”

What is the best advise you ever got from your Tresorfx mentor?

“Always look at the bigger picture! Always!”

Sounds great! And have you ever recommended anyone to use our service? Or would you recommend other to try our services?

“Just one friend of mine, because she really wanted to learn. But I do not tell anyone I am trading forex because I understand the risk, and do not want to feed the greed to others, because I know it sounds very flashy and great, but the risk is still there I don’t know if others are well disciplined and capable handling risk, so I believe is best not to recommend if I am not asked directly… You understand what I mean, right?”


“Thank you for understanding.”

No, thank you for being here, and giving us this great interview. I really enjoyed your company and your energy. Wish you keep showing great results and take the profit on every trade.

“You guys are very nice. Thank you for all your help and support!”



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