Investment Management (same as: money management, portfolio management or private banking) refers to the professional asset management of a variety of securities such as shares, bonds, CFDs, and other securities, and other assets in order to meet the investment goals of the investors. Investors can be institutions or private investors.

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Investment Management Services

We services individual investors (private investors) who built investment contracts with fund managers, and institutional investors (pension fund corporations, insurance companies, governments, educational establishments). Investment management services provide asset allocation, financial statement analysis, stock selection, monitoring of existing investments and plan implementation. The average Return on Investment on monthly basis varies between 35%-150%. Contact us at
In order for us to service better our client’s accounts, we require every new investor to let us know more about their investment interest, goal they are aiming for, and risk they are willing to take so we can customize their portfolio in order to meet their needs. Should you be interested in having your account managed, contact us at
TRESORFX focuses in short duration strategies in order to provide daily liquidity, principal preservation and consistent income by investing in the money market and other short maturity securities. Our money market strategies seek to maximize current income while maintaining a stable net asset value. We invest in a diversified portfolio of high quality short maturity investments, and emphasize liquidity, capital stability and high credit quality. Contact us at
Depending on the goals you have set to achieve, by having a managed portfolio by TRESORFX, you can select if you want to own an:
Aggressive Portfolio (higher risk and higher returns) return on investment above 70% per month.

Conservative Portfolio (low risk and average returns of 20%-35% per month)

Fixed Portfolio (10% per month)



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