One-Click Trading


IC Markets MetaTrader 4 One-Click trade manager Software provides the MetaTrader 4 trading platform with many additional abilities previously unavailable.

Our One-Click trade manager can be installed in much the same way as an Expert Advisor (EA) on your live or demo MetaTrader 4 download.

Traders can now buy or sell with a single click without having to fill out clumsy order tickets, stop loss and take profit orders can be entered at the same time as a market orders and pre defined order templates can be set allowing the scaling in and out of positions at pre-defined targets.

Our One-Click trade manager software allows you to place trades whilst watching real time charts and viewing the depth of market.

Download our One-Click trade Manager Installer


Full Suite of Order Types

Chose from 8 different order types or create your own custom entry order template. This includes OCO breakout and OCO reversion orders, previously not available in the MT4 platform.

Position Size Calculator

The One-Clicker comes with an inbuilt risk calculator than enables you to choose your position size when trading based on the size of your stop loss. You can chose from a fixed cash risk amount or a % of your equity or cash balance.

Trade Directly from the Chart

On charts where you have the one-clicker enabled you are able to trade and modify orders directly from the chart. Stop loss and take profit orders can be modified in two clicks and can be placed as close to the market price as you like, this is perfect for intraday trades and scalpers.

Automated Close of Positions

Create custom close order templates to manage the close of positions. This includes scaling out of positions at predefined price or profit levels, moving stop losses to break even or to set price levels and more. Custom order templates can be applied to any pending orders or open positions.

Close Multiple Positions with a Single Click

Close all positions with a single click or chose from one of the 5 available options including; close all winners, close all losers, close open positions, delete pending orders or close all. This is especially usefully in today’s volatile and event driven markets. Having the ability to close positions and orders in a single click can mean the difference between making and losing money.

Undock Charts

Setup your workspace like a professional trader and display your MT4 platform across multiple monitors. The One-Clicker gives you the ability to undock your MT4 charts so you can spread them across multiple monitors so you can view all of your favourite currencies at the same time.

Hedging and non Hedging Mode

Go long and short at the same time through the one-clicker or chose to turn off hedging mode so your longs close your shorts and vice versa. This feature suits scalpers who want buy and sell very fast as opposed to going through the traditional MT4 close order ticket.

 Key Features    One-Click trade execution   Full range of order types – OCO Orders, Trailing stops and more   Automatic placement of stop-loss and take-profit orders   Calculators for lot sizing   Ability to save complex order definitions as templates   One-click close all order ablility   Can be used in hedging or non hedging modes   Level II Depth of Market   Real time spread monitor