This broker just payed $1,100,000 profit to South Africa highest earning forex trader Sibusiso Sithole

Started by blowing 2 accounts back in 2015, he learned the hard way that the key to successful trading is making a good technical analysis and look for reliable chart pattern breakouts. First 2 account he blew were of 300 US Dollars each, he claimed, then went back to the demo for 3 months to practice the chart pattern breakouts before starting his latest account of 1,000 US Dollars. 

He said that he started increasing the lot size by one 1 lot on every thousand dollars he made, and steadily reached $1,100,000 by 9th of March 2019.

Now since his profits are in his bank account, he is taking a break from trading and from time to time teaches people world wide how trade his strategy.

“It’s an easy, yet potent strategy which anyone can adopt in no time at all, and I am willing to give it to anyone who decides to open an account with the broker which I am using. The strategy is based on chart pattern breakouts and 3 indicators confirming the trend strength or trend reversal points.”

“To get my training, you must have funded at least $200 in your Live Account here, in order for me to give you any attention. After you have funded your account we will open a separate demo account on which I will teach you my strategy, and then you can go live when you feel ready – so it’s risk free, and your trading capital will be waiting for you to acquire the skills need for you to grow your investment. Put your winner mindset on because we are about to nail this!”

Verify your Live Account here and expect a call from me shortly – Sibusiso Sithole.

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